Review –  Squaremeal

Cast aside all cynicism and enjoy a night at the opera with TWID (‘That’s What I Do’),Reviews

where ravishing small sharing plates are served to your stage-side seat at the press of a buzzer.…Read More


Review –  Nick Harman, Foodepedia 

‘That’s What I Do’, is the latest restaurant from Peter Ilic, a man with a reputation for doing things differently if not a little perversely. With food this good, says Nick, he can do whatever he wants.…Read More


Review – Brucine, Citylicious 

We arrived at the TWID bar and restaurant and were greeted with a red carpet as we opened the door we were in for an amazing surprise. The restaurant with its theatre inspired décor was styled as a theatre with tables as if you were in your own private box.…Read More



Review – A.A. Miln Destination Delicious

TWID (which stands for ‘That’s What I Do’) is a live music and cocktail bar in the heart of Battersea near Clapham Junction. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it’s a bit tricky to find, as it sits in a slightly unattractive neighbourhood where there’s not much else going on.…Read More


Review – Annie Hall, AnnieThing For Food

This was different. As I get older, I’m starting to admit to liking things I would never have dared to acknowledge in my twenties/thirties … jazz with dinner, going to bed early, gin.…Read More


Review – Ann Hall, Fabric Magazine

Fancy a night at the opera, with less pomp and more food? Situated halfway between Clapham Junction and Battersea, TWID (That’s What I Do) is Peter Ilic’s latest venture – his Little Bay Battersea restaurant revamped, rebranded and reopened.…Read More


Review – Baldwin Ho,  TownFish

On a recent visit to TWID, what puzzled me right from the start was the meaning of the initials. TWID stands for ‘That’s what I do’. What they do is amuse your senses whether it is oral and aural with the promise of live music and innovative food and cocktails....Read More


Review – Sabi Phagura, FitLass

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Taking one look at TWID cocktail bar and restaurant in Clapham Junction and I say that saying should be extended to restaurants too. This unassuming building looks very much like any drinking establishment....Read More


Review – Holly, A Daily Dose of Holly

Being a real foodie I love finding out about new restaurants and eateries, and when I had the opportunity to collaborate with TWID for this post I was eager to find out more about their restaurant, which has its own little unique twist to it.…Read More


Review – ConciergeAngel

Constantly in search of the next novel experience in London, we just found the first of its kind at TWID, in Battersea.”That’s What I do,” is  a fun, dining experience that sees you immersed in live opera....Read More


Review – KIP, MessyVegetarianCook

Firstly, I’d like to thank both TWID and Candoo PR for extending an invitation to enjoy a complimentary meal at the restaurant...Read More



Review – The Foody Traveller

We liked TWID. A fun, quirky sort of place where the welcome was warm, the cocktails strong, the food good as well as nicely presented.…Read More


Review – Samantha Bye, Love Life, Live

Sometimes, the best restaurants are the hidden gems that are off the beaten track. With TWID (That’s What I Do), a new restaurant in Battersea, you have to venture a long way off the usual London path...Read More


Review – Donna Vallance, LIke Love Do

Everybody feels special when they get to sit in the Royal box and that’s exactly what everybody gets the chance to do at TWID Cocktail bar and restaurant Battersea. In the heart of battersea is the most interesting restaurant I’ve come across...Read More


Review – Gorkana News Editor

Quite Great will handle the Battersea venue’s brand promotion and implement a creative, multi-layered strategy to compliment the blog and social networking agencies already working with TWID...Read More


Review – Lydia Manch, Lodonist

Londonist writer Joanne Gould recommends this restaurant and bar at Battersea Reach, aiming to take visitors on a journey through Victorian theatre:…Read More


Review – Health Fitness Editor, Amor Magazine

Raw Organic Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake
Raw Organic Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

TWIDs menu ranges from fish to raw/vegan dishes, with small sharing plates that intrigued my guest and I. There were a few things they di…Read More


Review – MD, South London Blog

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and bars in London and around the world, but I’ve never been to anywhere like this – unique doesn’t begin to describe it! ...Read More


Review – Eat Wandsworth

Last Tuesday I visited TWID, a new restaurant with a difference on York Road, Battersea. When you arrive outside the restaurant, you would not imagine what could be inside – It felt like stepping back in time to a time of elegance and romance...Read More


Review – Halima Khatun, Halimabobs

Now I love a restaurant that combines good food with an unusual dining experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to eat ice cream while listening to the dulcet tones of Adele and Sam Smith (kind of) at a James Bond night at The London Cabaret Club....Read More


Review – Pink Julep

Just a short walk from Clapham Junction, near the heart of Battersea is TWID, a live music bar and restaurant that serves up delicious food, cocktails and live opera music … Read More


Review – What’s On & Green

Just walking into TWID (That’s What I Do) is like entering another world –  an unforgettable experience! From the first moment you first enter this most unique cocktail bar and restaurant, you’ll find yourself on a theatrical journey into a world of elegance, drama a…Read More



Review – Joanne Gould, Londonist

Whether you’re hoping for romance, need guaranteed extra space for a big group, or just want some darn privacy, booths are the big cheese when it comes to the best bar seating. We’ve hunted high and low for the comfiest…Read More


Review – Lady Pubs Diaries

Last Tuesday I visited TWID, a new restaurant with a differenct…e on York Road, Battersea. When you arrive outside the restaurant, you would not imagine what could be inside – It felt like stepping back in time...Read More


Review – Fab Giovanetti

After the Summit, we packed up our bags and headed to TWID, a lovely new restaurant in Battersea. It worked quite well, as I was in need of a delicious dinner (and a cheeky drink) as well as some (unexpected) entertainment....Read More


Review – Jenna Sinclair, Raw Rhubarb

Previously the site of the Battersea Little Bay restaurant, TWID is the new refurbishment following the tragic fire which swept through the former restaurant in 2010. …Read More


Review – Kim Hartwell, Tone what you own

Last weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of trying out new Battersea food and drink establishment TWID bar. TWID bar describes itself as a “Live Music Bar and Restaurant in the heart of Battersea offering great...Read More


Review – Time Out

Opera-themed restaurant TWID is a picture of old-school opulence. Everywhere you look there are velvet swags and gilt flourishes. Squint and you can imagine it’s the ’80s and that’s Andrew Lloyd Webber in the next booth, taking his latest leading lady for a slap-up dinner. But TWID’s nightly opera performances are more...Read More


Review – Maketh the Man

It’s a surprisingly warm day in the city of London, begging for the restaurants city wide to put on their best efforts to encourage us to raise a fork at their establishments....Read More