Opera Delivery Singer

T.W.I.D. are planning to launch a service where we can take food to the doorsteps of those living within a defined area around the restaurant which not only will allow local people to enjoy our great cuisine but also with the idea of the opera delivery team we aim to give everyone a burst of opera as they get their dishes. We aim to run it for an initial period to see how successful the combination of opera and food goes down on the door steps but first we need appropriate candidates to contact us in order that we can interview and audition them at the same time to make sure they have the right, vocal talent, look and temperament to fit with T.W.I.D’s unique approach. We also very much like the idea of bringing our opera mayhem style to a new audience and in some small way also broaden the emotional impact of opera to a new generation who may well fall in love with the music, not to mention our wonderful food.


The delivery positions would be a part time basis and ideally targeted to individuals of a musical or theatrical background and who knows maybe we will unearth the next big classical opera talent at the same time!


It is vital we find the right talent otherwise we cannot launch this exciting new dimension to the restaurant.


We wish possible candidates to send all relevant information to our team, these may include some YouTube links etc if they so wish in order that we can speed up the process and then we will have a morning where we meet and decide upon the correct candidates, a little bit like a fun mini – X Factor perhaps. We are very excited about this initiative.

Please send applications to the usual info@twid-restaurantbar.co.uk