An experience on so many levels…

When is a restaurant not a restaurant?

When its TWID – which stands for That’s What I Do in case you’re wondering.

You may wonder where the concept of our intimate and imaginative eatery first came from – well, save to say we wanted to create something that currently doesn’t exist and obviously, we are lovers of great food, the theatre and the opera.

We love drama, passion and wanted our diners to experience something a bit different.

So, we based our décor, table and atmosphere on a theatre! That means intimate cosy booths to enjoy your food, or for the more avant-garde, there are balcony views from upstairs that allow a unique view of everything we do but with the feeling that you are watching a show.

And of course, at TWID, you will have your show!

We don’t know many restaurants in London that have opera singers performing while you eat. In fact, we don’t know any!

So why do we do it?

Opera is beautiful. It has the ability to make the soul soar with its beauty – but how many of us have the opportunity to experience a soprano or attend an opera?

Moreover, how often do people have the chance to experience the theatre?

So two of life’s pleasures, all too often denied to us for one reason or another. Well, not anymore. We decided to combine the two as a backdrop to TWID, but not as some kind of gimmick to distract diners from our food and drink. Nothing could be less true.

Our food is our pride and joy and without a delicious, innovative menu, the salubrious surrounds would mean nothing.

Our menus have been created by Tom Ilic and feature a choice of four meat, four fish and four vegan or raw choices of sharing plates ideal for sharing, all of which will change regularly.

This is a kitchen producing small dishes with clean, fresh flavours, encouraging a relaxed dining experience.

And our cocktails… well, don’t get us started. Whether it’s a Santiago or a Peach Bellini, there’s something for everyone.

Atmosphere. Experience. Great food and drink. A shared experience like no other and one that we’re pretty proud of…

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